1. Introduction

This document lists the platforms and integrations supported by Checkmk 2.3.0. Except for very specific reasons (e.g. security), these platforms, including all patch versions will remain supported through active maintenance during the Checkmk 2.3.0 product lifecycle.

2. Server OS

Checkmk can be installed on the following Linux server operating system distributions and versions, that run on x86_64 hardware. We provide a list of supported versions. Entries may contain the following additions:

  • Deprecated: LTS/LTSS versions marked in this way are still supported for the entire life cycle of version 2.3.0. Support will be ceased afterwards.

  • Once released: Support for these versions is planned. Checkmk 2.3.0 packages will be made available shortly after the release of the new distribution version.

We will additionally evaluate any new versions of these distributions as a part of our ongoing support process. These will be covered in the update matrix.

Operating system Supported versions


10 Buster (deprecated)

11 Bullseye

12 Bookworm

RedHat Enterprise Linux



10 (once released)

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

12 SP5 (deprecated)

15 SP3

15 SP4

15 SP5

15 SP6 (once released)


20.04 LTS Focal Fossa (deprecated)

22.04 LTS Jammy Jellyfish

24.04 LTS Noble Numbat (once released)

Ubuntu STS versions are no longer supported as of Checkmk 2.3.0, users of Ubuntu 23.10 must upgrade to Ubuntu 24.04 under Checkmk 2.2.0 before they can switch to Checkmk 2.3.0.

3. Browser

The Checkmk user interface has been verified as able to be run on the following desktop browsers and minimum versions:

  • Google Chrome >= 121 on Windows, Linux and macOS

  • Firefox >= 122 on Windows, Linux and macOS

  • Microsoft Edge >= 121 on Windows

  • Safari >= 17.2 on macOS

The Checkmk mobile user interface has been verified to run on the following mobile browsers:

  • Safari on iPadOS/iPhoneOS (current and last major OS release)

  • Google Chrome on Android (current and last major OS release)

4. OS for the Checkmk agent

The Checkmk agent can be installed and run on the following operating systems if the OS meets some basic requirements.

4.1. Linux/Unix

All Linux distributions and various Unix operating systems such as Solaris and AIX are supported, provided they have at least the following technical components in the minimum version:

  • Bash >= 4.2

  • ksh >= 93

  • Perl >= 5.14.0

Additionally, one of the following components needs to be present:

  • systemd >= 219

  • xinetd (no minimal version)

Be aware: Plug-ins may require a specific version of additional components to be functional. Python plug-ins require version 2.7 or > 3.5.

4.2. Windows

All 64-bit versions of the following Windows operating system releases are supported:

  • 2012

  • 2012 R2

  • 2016

  • 2019

  • 2022

For older releases, we provide a legacy agent with a limited feature set and without official support.

5. Grafana plug-in

Checkmk 2.3.0 supports the following Grafana plug-in versions:

  • >= 3.0.0

6. Checkmk Appliance

Checkmk 2.3.0 can run on the following versions of the Checkmk Appliance:

  • >= 1.6.8

7. LDAP server

With LDAP Checkmk 2.3.0 supports synchronization of the following LDAP servers:

  • Microsoft Active Directory

  • OpenLDAP

  • 389 Directory Server


The SAML integration supports the following Identity Providers (IdPs):

  • Microsoft Entra ID (called Azure Active Directory until 2023)

  • Google Cloud

  • Okta

Checkmk may work with other SAML integrations as well, but no support can be given for these.

9. ntopng

The ntopng integration supports the following versions of ntopng Professional and Enterprise:

  • 5.6 (deprecated)

  • >= 6.0

10. Nagvis

Nagvis depends on PHP and requires a minimum version to run. To run Nagvis, make sure to have a matching version of PHP in your installation:

  • >= 7.2

Depending on the Linux distribution used, the version defined as a dependency of the Checkmk installation package may be higher.

11. InfluxDB

Checkmk supports the export of data to the following versions of the InfluxDB API:

  • >= 2.0

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