• Download the required Checkmk virt1 archive from our website.

  • Import the archive (file extension .ova) into your hypervisor.

  • Launch the imported virtual machine and open the local console.

  • During the launching procedure, a dialogue box asking you to initialise the data medium will appear on the screen. Confirm this box. After a few minutes the launching procedure will resume.

  • On completion of the launching procedure, the console status screen will be displayed.

  • So that the appliance can be used for monitoring, there are some settings that need to be made. Press the key <F1> and, using the configuration dialogue box, configure the following settings as a minimum:

  • Network configuration

  • Access to the web interface

  • Once you have configured these settings, you can access the web interface from a computer connected to the network by entering the URL <ipaddress>/ into the web browser. Log into the web interface using the password you just configured.

  • In order to make things such as name resolution and sending emails possible, you must make further settings in the web interface. You can read more about this in the article on basic configuration on the web interface. You do not need this to get started however.

  • Select the item instance administration on the menu now shown and click on Create new instance on the following page.

  • Now create a new monitoring instance using the current dialogue box. This instance will start automatically.

  • You can now call up the URL <ipaddress>/<instanz-id>/ in your browser.

  • Log in using the access data you selected when creating the instance.

Find out what to do next in the article Checkmk Getting Started.

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